MY ALPHABET by Antonio Barletta

My Alphabet is an intimate "queer" alphabet that is at the same time a group project that relates artists and figures from contemporary creativity whose image in turn is included in a situation that can’t be identified beforehand. Twenty-six words have been assigned to twenty-six artists who have turned them, in line with their own aesthetics. Barletta then intervenes upon this image by adding another meaning that gives each letter unexpected interpretations. The varying combined cultural origins make up a mismatched, contemporary alphabet.

Invited artists: Dafne Boggeri, Marco Belfiore, BillyBoy* & LALA, Valentina Brenna, Pierluigi Calignano, David Casini, Andrea Costa, Giovanni De Francesco, Derek Maria di Fabio, Natascia Fenoglio, Paolo Gonzato, Alessandro Guerriero, Colby Keller, La Chatte, Aldo Lanzini, Corrado Levi, Stefano Mandracchia, Tiziano Martini, Marco Pezzotta, Marta Pierobon, Laura Pugno, Punk Bunny, Cinzia Ruggeri, Giandomenico Sozzi, Simone Tosca, Federico Tosi, Patrick Tuttofuoco.