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spazioMORRIS, DIARY 2012 2013


Feeling a deep love for Art in its different expressions and wishing to widen her own knowledge of contemporary art, Alessandra Pedrotti Catoni has given life to a place which could give to her first, the opportunity to experience Art and to grow in the direction – already started - of collecting. The visitors were welcomed in a 1950s apartment in downtown Milan, uninhabited for 20 years, which has been reveived preserving the original finish and the wallpaper, which is the most distinctive element.

To tell the last two years (2012 and 2013) of the research laboratory spazio Morris in Milan we thought about a book of images, where you can fully immerse. Features: Winona Barton-Ballentine, Antonio Barletta, Marco Belfiore, Matteo Bertini, Daniele Carpi, David Casini, T-Yong Chung, Jared Deery, Giovanni De Francesco, Bridget de Gersigny, Alessandro Di Pietro, Valentina Dotti, Draok, Ludovica Gioscia, Goekhan Erdogan, Deborah Farnault, Luc Fuller, Virginia Clara Gabrielli, Munro Galloway, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Giorgio Guidi, Sylvia Hardy, Lucia Leuci, Hanne Lillee, Francesca Longhini, Stefano Mandracchia, Maurizio Mercuri, Luca Monterastelli, Valerio Nicolai, Pat Palermo, Marta Pierobon, Alain Reid, Giulia Ricci, Alessandro Roma, Marzia Corinne Rossi, Marco Samorè, Dario Sbrana, Jessie Stead, Alessandro Teoldi, Donald Urquhart, Vedovamazzei, Serena Vestrucci, Annette Wehrhahn


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copertina_sfondo apple.jpg